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How is Tequila Made? (All You Need to Know About Blue Agave)

  Tequila is an alcoholic beverage commonly consumed neat- in one shot. Although it is a very popular choice of alcohol worldwide, this beverage essentially originated from Mexico way back in the 15th century. Even today, it is an integral part of Mexican culture. In fact, it is recognized as the National Drink of Mexico! Also, did you know that primarily all of the world's tequila supply comes from Mexico? Well, now you do.   Tequila is fermented and distilled from a single type of agave plant, the Blue Weber Agave tequilana which grows almost exclusively in Mexico. There are about 85,000 acres of land in Mexico designated for the production of blue agave. The magnificent landscape is even recognized as a World Heritage Site. The word agave comes from the Latin word which means  admirable  and  illustrious  and once you read more about this plant; you would agree too.    BLUE AGAVE PLANT- THE MAIN INGREDIENT OF TEQUILA  The states of J alisco, Colima,Nayarit and Aguas

WHAT IS THE BEST TRAVEL INSURANCE? (Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in 2021-2022)

If you are someone who travels a lot then you definitely need a good travel insurance provider. Traveling to a distant location the one with which you are not so much acclimated can come out as a bit riskier, having potential travel insurance allows you to ease your mind and step out with confidence. It can help you waiver the financial risks that might be haunting you and becomes a salient partner in bearing any financial damage if it hits your way.  If you are planning a hefty trip for which you have paid incredibly, have booked expensive accommodation and such especially in the post-Covid world then you definitely need a good travel insurance provider on your side. Companies like Travel Insurance Master will help you shop for the best travel insurance based on your travel style and needs. What Does Travel Insurance Cover?  There are different travel insurance plans and waivers and the one you are going to get might appeal to your travel type and things you want to cover. Travel in