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WHAT IS THE BEST TRAVEL INSURANCE? (Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in 2021-2022)

If you are someone who travels a lot then you definitely need a good travel insurance provider. Traveling to a distant location the one with which you are not so much acclimated can come out as a bit riskier, having potential travel insurance allows you to ease your mind and step out with confidence. It can help you waiver the financial risks that might be haunting you and becomes a salient partner in bearing any financial damage if it hits your way. 

If you are planning a hefty trip for which you have paid incredibly, have booked expensive accommodation and such especially in the post-Covid world then you definitely need a good travel insurance provider on your side. Companies like Travel Insurance Master will help you shop for the best travel insurance based on your travel style and needs.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover? 

There are different travel insurance plans and waivers and the one you are going to get might appeal to your travel type and things you want to cover. Travel insurance simply covers the following aspects for the client;

  • ·       Medical emergencies
  • ·       Trip cancellation
  • ·       Trip interruption
  • ·       Delays
  • ·       Medical evacuation
  • ·       Lost, damaged, or stolen luggage

You can either draft travel insurance for all of these, some of these, or a customized mix of the above-mentioned elements. In this digital era, you don't have to meet a travel agent in person to get yourself travel insurance, all you have to do is to browse their website and book everything there in a matter of minutes. Following are some of the most incredible travel insurance services that you might find to your liking.

Travelers Insurance for long distant traveling.

If you aren't sure what is the best travelers insurance then no need to worry. Companies like Travel Insurance Master help you search for the best travel insurance that fits your needs. Read on as we discuss their different travel insurance partners and what they offer. 


April is a dedicated travel insurance provider covering the needs of travelers on all types of insurances for Europe and America. It has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with travel insurance and making foreign visits for people nothing short of delight and excellence.

Currently, April is active and working on more than 40 sites and you can visit the official site for further information. The packages that you will find here are some of the most cost-effective and might cater to your liking but the processing of the claims might be a little stretched, other than that it is a great first choice. 

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Booking travel insurance with Berkshire Hathaway travel protection doesn't cover a single aspect of your travel but takes your mind off of almost every uncertainty that might be weighing on your thoughts. 

The communication channel is not only smooth but customizable which means you can talk with them solving a practical travel insurance-related matter either on Social media, email, chat, or whatever mode of communication you deem fit. It is a little costly for sure but the service you get is worth it.

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

Do you have travelers insurance? Is travel insurance necessary?

Generali Global Associates

Generali global associates are among the most respected travel insurance provider operating from San Diego California. They are known for their over-the-top customer assistance procedure, if you are having any kind of trouble while traveling abroad and it is covered by your travel insurance then Generali global associates will seep through every thick and thin to facilitate you however they can.

They have an amazing network of personnel working around the globe, it doesn't matter in which part of the globe you reside they will be able to get you a physician if you need one, catering through the local law administration to track down your stolen luggage or whatever it is you need help with.     

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master.     

iTravelInsured Travelers Insurance

iTravelInsured enjoys a wider reach to the travel insurers due to its over extensive network of operatives covering major world regions. Its parent company is an international medical group and oversees the majority of other travel insurance providers as it gives them licenses to operate under their name. They have an extensive client outreach that includes people who travel a lot, medical practitioners, athletes, businessmen, and engineers. You can have weather updates while having bought a package from this very travel insurance provider, run background checks on the accommodations that you have chosen to stay in, and many more. 

Reasons Why You Should Have Travelers Insurance

      Travelex Travelers Insurance

The best part of choosing Travelex is that you can customize your own travel insurance package which means that you have the liberty to include and exclude items and protection elements as you see fit. Another great initiative by this travel insurance provider is the free tethering of a child whether 17 years of age or under at no additional cost. However, if the child's trip exceeds $10000 or the overall length of the child’s trip with an accompanying adult is more than 30 days only then the child will be charged the full insurance fee.

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

6.     Travel Guard Travelers Insurance

Travel Guard is more of a tethered travel insurance service serving millions of customers around the world while originating from Ontario, Canada. More than 12000 companies work under the umbrella of Travel guards. The most elementary services that are covered under Travel guard such as annual trip plans, covering trip cancellation, and interruptions and delays as well. Their customer service is over the top serving the customers 24/7 and covers Europe, America, and a few prime countries in Asia.

 You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

Travel Insurance is important after Covid-19

7.     Travel Insured International Travelers Insurance

Now, this is a travel insurance provider that allows you to fit your budget in context with your travel insurance needs. All kinds of protections whether it is protection against the trip cancellation, trip delay, or even the canceling of the travel tickets, baggage delays are also covered with this amazing service provider. You can upgrade your plan any time and if you don’t find the service up to your standards then you can reimburse your money within a 14 day period.

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

8.     TravelSafe Insurance Travelers Insurance

Now, this is a great service working in Canada and the USA that has the highest possible coverage limits available. This insurance agency provides you with a number of options to choose from, customizability is a great feature that this the insurance provider offers to you. TravelSafe is an exclusive partner to many travel-oriented businesses and is the primary choice for many travelers as the processing of the claims is relatively faster with TravelSafe which helps you to save time and enjoy your travel experience without worrying about what tomorrow holds for you.    

 You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

Travel Insurance gives a peace a mind that you are covered no matter where you go.

9.     TRAWICK International Travelers Insurance

Now, this is a travel agency that specifically focuses on to and fro travel for the USA, if you are traveling to the USA or as a US citizen traveling out of the states then you can’t go wrong choosing TRAWICK international. It not only favors US citizens and people traveling to the USA but also provides them with a diligent service regarding trip cancellation, trip delay, or interruption and the international student insurance for students planning to study in the USA is a strong suite of TRAWICK international.  

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

Travel Insurance is important to have no matter where you go.

10.  USI Affinity Travelers Insurance

If you want to make sure that you are entertained in events of a travel-related setting backfiring on you and your claim is processed efficiently and effectively then you need to use the services of USI affinity travel insurance providers. The network is known to be very effective and fast in terms of processing claims and helping the clients to get the best possible deals and fast recovery of the insurance, money should anything out of ordinary goes down.

You can learn more about their rates by going to Travel Insurance Master. 

If you are a visual learner, here is a good video on everything you need to know about travelers insurance:

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions About Traveler's Insurance)

What Are The Benefits Of Having Traveler's Insurance?

Should any calamity befalls you while you are traveling in a foreign land a travelers insurance is your best bet to come out of it without disturbing your budget. It will help you to tend to the situation no matter how tenacious it is, to set the tone you can get injured or due to flight cancellation stuck at your accommodation. The traveler's insurance will get someone to tend to you in case you are injured and you can stay at the same accommodation without paying anything extra as your travel insurance will pay for it.

Do I Need A Travel Agent To Get Travel Insurance?

It is best to have a travel agent tend to all the paperwork for applying for travel insurance on your behalf than to do all of that yourself. It is time-saving at best but if you want to do all of that yourself you are under no obligation to retrieve the services of a travel agent. Travel insurance on the other hand is a state-regulated industry so it would be in your best interest to purchase it from a licensed agent to have legal protection. Companies like Travel Insurance Master will take care of all of this for you! 

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost? 

Travel insurance will cost you anywhere from about 4-10% of your total pre-paid trip. If the cost of your travel increase so would the cost of your travel insurance. Different insurance providers charge different rates so the overall percentage is subject to change.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Most travel insurances cover trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays. Medical emergencies, medical evacuation, and covering of lost, damaged, and the stolen luggage are the primary elements covered by standard travel insurance. But you can choose to select a single or a few of these based on your travel route and interest.

Last Words About Travel Insurance Providers

These are some of the best travel insurance providers that will be able to cater to your specific requirements in relation to travel insurance. It doesn’t matter what kind of coverage you require the mentioned travel insurance providers have got you covered, the methods and the customization aspect can be different for different providers but the service is fulfilling and most recommended by millions of people who have used their service.  

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We would love to hear about your travel experiences! Leave us a comment below!


  1. Travel insurance saved my a$$ when I got sick in South America. Highly recommend getting a provider!

  2. Just got ours through Travel Insurance Master! Thank you for the recommendations!

  3. You never know what will happen when you travel so having good travel insurance is a must.


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